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"Before starting PhilanthroPT, I found it very hard to give my patients the time and energy they deserved when working for traditional insurance based clinics.  When people are given the opportunity to tell me what is really bothering them, it's much easier for me to help people find solutions to their problems. Now that I have the time to build relationships with my clients, I am much more effective at helping them meet their goals quickly."
 - Ryan Shelton, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Getting the right information, at the right time, is the key to meeting any of our goals.  

We've been around for a long time, and we've heard the same story over and over.  You don't know what to do and your frightened about making the wrong decision. 

Your physician says you need to rest, take pills, or learn to live with your pain.

You've tried their advice, taken medications, and you still seem to be struggling getting back to where you want to be.

Our clinicians are waiting for you to call and discuss what you need and how we can help you get there by providing you with options.  When it comes to your health, its important that you are included in the decision making. 


Seems like common sense, but if you are reading this, you've most likely already experienced what its like at the run of the mill PT clinics.  It's easy to get lost in the mess of too many patients and too few therapists.  

At PhilanthroPT, you wont just be another number.  We take great pride in providing our patients the individual attention they need and deserve.  If you are looking for a better way of using your healthcare dollars, we think you'll appreciate our commitment to teaching you what you need to know to maximize your potential and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Choose from our many options available to fit the needs of everyday people living busy lives. 

For those who are interested in getting evaluated and treated in your home, or at work, our MOBILE SERVICES are a perfect fit.  We will come to your home, office, or gym with all the equipment we need to give you the same services we provide in our clinic.

Maybe you don't like the idea of having someone come in your home, or maybe you are not comfortable breaking social distancing right now.  Not a problem, we have a solution for you with our TELEHEALTH SERVICES that will allow you to work with your therapist through your phone, tablet, or computer.

And if you prefer the one on one clinical setting, we provide a private treatment area where you can get all your physical therapy needs without having to share space, time, or attention as you work on getting back to the activities you enjoy.

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