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Have you considered...

What are the long term effects of pushing through the pain?

The price you might pay if you DONT take care of yourself NOW?


See what other patients are saying about PhilanthroPT

"Can't say enough good stuff about Ryan Shelton of PhilanthroPT.

I'd never had physical therapy and didn't really know what to expect, but after playing sometimes as many as 6 gigs in one week my tendons were a little upset with me.


Ryan has managed to fix my arm issue and has begun working on another issue with my leg. Amazing stuff. I'm more than impressed.


Check him out if you're dealing with pain issues."            - Leo, 50

"I was skeptical about doing something over video but Ryan really knows his stuff!

He diagnosed that my knee issues were actually coming from my back and with the simple exercises he recommended I was back in shape in no time!"           - Brenden, 35 

"I have never had a more thorough PT job. He listened to my complaints and concerns with past services I had tried, which had not produced results.


Ryan went above and beyond trying to help me figure out what was going on with my body and give me some exercises/stretches to help me find some relief.


It was hands down the best experience I ever had with PT. "             - Miana 44

"For several years, I have had ongoing issues with tingling and numbness down my arm. I have tried different approaches that have helped some but never gotten rid of my issue.


Ryan really listened to me on what was going on and before I left, I was able to move my arm into different positions with no symptoms!


The best part is Ryan met me the next day after I contacted him, no waiting to get into the doctor!! "       - Jennifer, 39

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